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What is a PLASMA PEN®?

The PlasmaPen® is a revolutionary new concept in non-invasive skin tightening using plasma energy. The Plasma Pen uses oxygen and nitrogen to produce a plasma energy arc. The plasma arc never touches the skin, and is held 1mm away to create micro-abrasions on the epidermal layer, while heating and disrupting the deeper dermis.  This transmission of energy from the probe on the tip of the pen to the skin’s epidermal layer creates an immediate tightening of the skin. The effect of the plasma energy on the skin stimulates your bodies healing process, which in turn multiplies your fibroblast cells to produce collagen in abundance for tighter, more rejuvenated  skin.


The Plasma Pen can be used for:

Upper non surgical blepharoplasty

Lower surgical blepharoplasty

Crows feet

Nose lift

Brow lift

“Smokers” lines

Nasolabial folds


Neck lift

Scar revision

Cherry angioma removal

Skin tag removal

Lip lift

Forehead lines

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