Permanent Makeup / Brows / Paramedical Tattooing

Ombre / Powdered Brows

Ombré shading is the newest trend in eyebrow semi-permanent makeup and one of the most popular techniques on the market. A soft background color is added to the brow that heals looking subtle and powdery. This technique is suitable for nearly every client, and can be customized to a bolder or softer look.

Nano Brows

Nano brows are created with a digital permanent makeup device and one single needle. You'll get more effective results with a Nano needle because the procedure involves less trauma to the skin than Microblading. The perfect crisp hair strokes are created to achieve a very natural look.

Combination Brows

This technique is performed by making the hair like strokes with some shading for more density combined, keeping it soft for every day so you can still add some makeup for a more dramatic look.

Classic Eyeliner

The customizable solid liner look. This can be just a solid line above the lash line or even extended out into a subtle wing.

Lash Line Enhancement

This service leaves you with a soft, subtle line through the lashes on the lash line only, to create the illusion of a fuller lash line.

Permanent Lip Color / Lip Blush

A permanent lip color technique adds a soft wash of color over the entire lip, defining the border of the mouth and gently fading towards the inner edges of the lips.

”Frozen Lips”

A permanent lip color style that takes the ‘lip blush’ look to another level. Finishing layers of a light-reflecting/pearly pigment creates a shiny, almost diamond-like effect. This is an advanced technique, and Inga is the only practitioner in the Massachusetts area that offers this service.

Paramedical Tattooing:

Areola Restoration

This tattooing technique also referred to as nipple tattooing is provided to those who have undergone breast reconstruction surgery due to illness and disease, or anyone who's looking to add some more color or dimension to an existing nipple. Most commonly performed on breast cancer survivors, it can provide a whole new areola or nipple where there is no longer one. It can also benefit clients who have had gender-affirming surgeries. This process involves creating a hyper-realistic, 3D nipple & areola, or two. This service can be absolutely life-changing for those who need it most.

Navel/Belly Button Restoration

In cases of medical or cosmetic procedures like hernia surgery or nowadays very popular “tummy tuck” surgery, a 3D navel tattoo may be used to create the illusion of a natural navel when one is surgically altered or removed for medical reasons.

Faux Freckles

This service is fully customized for every client, with specialized placement, tools, colors, and sizes. Faux freckles can be done anywhere on the face or body.

Touch ups (within 4-7weeks)

Every procedure requires two sessions to complete (the initial and touch up).

Color Boost

Annual touch up for any service done by Inga.


Working over a procedure previously done by another artist.

Saline Permanent Makeup Removal / EMERGENCY Saline Permanent Makeup Removal

Non-laser pigment removal, more specifically saline removal, is a method of removing/lifting pigment molecules from the skin using simple solutions rather than lasers.

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